April 12, 2016

Feature Film: LANDGRAB - World Premiere @ DTF

This past April the feature film LANDGRAB that I shot in 2015 proudly premiered at the DFT inside the DIA to a sold out audience. The film takes a deep introspective look into urban land use, particularly in Detroit on the city's impoverished east side. The film will make you think hard and question who is buying all of Detroit's unwanted land as well as the reasons these wealthy tycoons want it so bad.

July 06, 2015

New Office in the Penobscot Building!

As many of you who know our Detroit Lives! office in the Stott building flooded back in February of 2015. We are excited to announce that we are officially moving into the historic Detroit Stock Exchange annex at the top of the old Penobscot building this fall. Today was the big announcement in the Detroit Free Press.

As part of the team I will be working as cinematographer and jr. editor. I'm really looking forward to our new home and settling in this fall. Hopefully construction moves quickly...yeah right.

January 04, 2015

Detroit Lives!

This past December (2014) was wonderful, not only was it the holidays and I got eat some great meals and see friends and family from far away, but I also joined my new family of video brethren at Detroit Lives! For the past year I have been working with the lads at DL! and we struck a chord with one another. In November I was asked to officially join the team as the third member of the group. Since then we have worked on some exciting projects including a mini-doc, a McClures Pickles Commercial and Ferrari. You can find those projects in the media section and on my portfolio page. This video is a sample of Detroit Lives! and their work thus far. Looking forward to an exciting spring/summer with some great projects on the horizon. Stay tuned...

February 26, 2014

Motor City Copters - Official Launch

Motor City Copters is an aerial cinematography company based in the Detroit Metro area. A joint venture between Reel Vision Media and Motor City Copters allows us to provide clients with a single point of contact for all types of production. As a team we create cinematic aerials that add value to our clients productions. Using our own blend of DJI Hardware, software and open source technology we have been able to achieve shots that a few years ago could only be imagined by directors and producers.
Check out our videos on

In our world..."The Sky is NOT the Limit"

June 27, 2013

Detroit Fireworks Hi-Speed capture

Anyone who knows me knows I love the Detroit Fireworks and I love hi-speed film. So when I get a chance to shoot the fireworks at hi-speed it a great day! This year, my vantage was from 30 floors up and I used my 7D with 200mm L-series lens to capture the fiery explosions at eye level. Combined with the revious years hi-speed footage this is a running collection of the best shots of the Detroit Fireworks. Enjoy the eye-candy.

February 02, 2013

"GRiZ" - Live in Concert

On a cold and very snowy Thursday in late January I had the pleasure of traveling to Grand Rapids to film a special performance by the Future Funk-Jazz Dub artist known simply as "GRiZ". This 21-year old producer phenom has recently become one of the hottest exports out of the state traveling the country on tour with Bassnectar and Big Gigantic. Now living in Detroit he is on his way to being a headlining act this summer at many festival stages. His blend of all the most modern EDM styles such as Dub-Step, Dance & Glitch-Hop will have your ass shaking + his gripping Sax solos will get your lady wet... with sweat, from dancing. Check out this recap video presented by Smash Brothers.

October 07, 2012

Dlectricity: Knowledge is Power

Inspired by nighttime arts festivals from around the world, DLECTRICITY, Detroit’s new nighttime, contemporary light art festival, will host 35 local, national and international artists whose cutting edge works of art, lighting design and performance will illuminate the historic architecture of Midtown. For two electrifying evenings, Midtown Detroit will be enveloped in a sea of light as a number of artists converge on Detroit to “light up” buildings and city spaces in Midtown using various mediums that meld sci-fi technology with Victorian spectacle on a grand scale.

The first ever installment in Dlectricity in Detroit will feature "Knowledge is Power" presented by NewD Media Inc. This epic tale of the accumulation, storage and transmission of knowledge through out the ages was designed specifically for the event and the Detroit Public Library. The historic library itself will be the screen for this visual masterpiece. Using a pair of 20,000 watt projectors, the creative team form NewD Media (Gabriel Hall & Daniel Land) spent 4 months scanning the building and constructing a storyline around the theme Knowledge is Power. By "mapping" the building graphically they are able to manipulate the architecture and alter our sense of depth, scale, and overall optics of what we are seeing. This use of 3-D perspective and light contrast comes together for an unbelievable show of light, sound, and story.

April 24, 2012

BURN premieres @ Tri-BeCa Film Festival

NBC Nightly News / The documentary Burn which premiered this week at the Tribeca Film Festival, follows Detroit firefighters facing a staggering problem: the city has three times as many structure fires as Los Angeles, a city more than five times its size.
UPDATE: Great News!!! BURN has received the Audience Choice Award for "Best Documentary" in this years competition. The prize money totaling $25,000 has been donated along with matching donations from MSA Corp. to the D.F.D. and F.D.N.Y. firefighting funds. If you'd like to donate to help get this film fully funded please visit:

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