April 12, 2016

Feature Film: LANDGRAB - World Premiere @ DTF

This past April the feature film LANDGRAB that I shot in 2015 proudly premiered at the DFT inside the DIA to a sold out audience. The film takes a deep introspective look into urban land use, particularly in Detroit on the city's impoverished east side. The film will make you think hard and question who is buying all of Detroit's unwanted land as well as the reasons these wealthy tycoons want it so bad.

July 06, 2015

New Office in the Penobscot Building!

As many of you who know our Detroit Lives! office in the Stott building flooded back in February of 2015. We are excited to announce that we are officially moving into the historic Detroit Stock Exchange annex at the top of the old Penobscot building this fall. Today was the big announcement in the Detroit Free Press.

As part of the team I will be working as cinematographer and jr. editor. I'm really looking forward to our new home and settling in this fall. Hopefully construction moves quickly...yeah right.

January 04, 2015

Detroit Lives!

This past December (2014) was wonderful, not only was it the holidays and I got eat some great meals and see friends and family from far away, but I also joined my new family of video brethren at Detroit Lives! For the past year I have been working with the lads at DL! and we struck a chord with one another. In November I was asked to officially join the team as the third member of the group. Since then we have worked on some exciting projects including a mini-doc, a McClures Pickles Commercial and Ferrari. You can find those projects in the media section and on my portfolio page. This video is a sample of Detroit Lives! and their work thus far. Looking forward to an exciting spring/summer with some great projects on the horizon. Stay tuned...

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