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Feature Documentary Films

Working in documentary film for the past 4 years has led to some really exciting projects. I moved to Detroit 10-years ago to be closer to the subject that is often the focus of my lens. There is such a rich history and a uniquely American story to be told in Detroit. It's unlike any city on Earth, from the bizarre to the truly beautiful; the people, the buildings and the stories are what's shaping the future of this iconic city. Working here has allowed me to have a personal effect on each and every project that I have been a part of. As a shooter on "BURN" I had the opportunity to help tell the city's story like never before.

Detroit Lives!

This collection of videos highlights my work with Detroit Lives! We make films about Detroit and the great stuff happening in this great american industrial landscape. Our mission is to bring stories about the people here to the world. We are a full service production house specializing in digital cinema, video & commercials content creation, graphics, design & social branding / marketing. Check out our full line work here

Television Broadcast

Television Broadcast is a old medium coming into the 21st Century. With the advent of digital media and HD-SLR cameras the ability to film and produce content for TV on a micro budget is truly been the revolution we have been waiting for. My work on several national TV programs has helped the work I'm doing in the city of Detroit get much more deserved attention and has elevated my skills in television production management. Take a look at some of my work, or you may have already seen it without even knowing.

Corporate Videos

Client driven corporate videos are the bread & butter for any freelancer working in the industry. I always try to bring my creative style to any project, including corporate videos by creating something special that the client will have a lasting affinity for. Through discussions and research I use what is available to me to create interesting pieces that highlights a companies special features. Through that process I aim to tell a story using vivid imagery to capture the essence of what makes that company different from the rest. Please take a moment to look through some of my recent work for a better sense of what is possible and what I can offer your company.

Live Concert Multi-Cam Shooting

My absolute favorite work is by far shooting live event concerts and artist performances. These once in a lifetime moments are captured in dynamic fashion for your enjoyment. Shot in Multi-Cam, sometimes using up to five cameras, I always try to cover a performance with the widest range of lenses and angles. Having shot on some of the largest festival stages in the world has been quite an honor. From the Detroit Electronic Music Festival to V-Fest in Europe, to the local venues I came up shooting in around Detroit, Its always a fun experience to see your work reach millions and what that does to the people who love that artist.

Behind the Scenes & EPK Shooting

Often, I have the chance to hang out with some very talented people while they do interesting things. As a part of a small crew I have the opportunity to capture these people in a very up-close and intimate way. Spending days or even weeks traveling and hanging out with an artist is an incredible experience. I've been lucky enough to be embedded with a variety of artist ranging from rappers to opera singers. Here are some of my best videos from my unforgettable adventures behind the scenes.

ENG News

In today's brave new world of digital news coverage, events happen fast and coverage has to be global. Stories about the economic crisis in America and Detroit's rebuilding efforts often intersect in cyberspace as well as in the traditional mediums. Going digital is just another leap in our ability to communicate stories about the world to one another. Having worked as a shooter, editor and producer of ENG news for local and national news agencies has given me an opportunity to be front row as news is happening and to have an say in how it's being told.


Having worked in advertising post-production for JWT / Team Detroit in their Park Broadcast Studio's, I help manage their digital workflow, asset management, and edited Ford account footage for commercial production on the RAF advertising team. My knowledge of the work process involved in taking a video project from concept to completion was refined by working on hundreds of television, web and special event videos per year as well as managing hundreds of thousands of ads in our digital library. I had the privilege of being able to cut demos for client meetings and often those concept edits would become TV commercials or "one-off" live event video pieces.

Music Videos

With the advent of the internet and outlets like YouTube or Vimeo the music industry has been democratized and any artist can have an equal shot at being seen by the masses. Achieving the right look and feel is the goal of any DP when translating an artist's vision into film. Today's digital technology allows any talented and motivated artist with a moderate budget to create a product that looks and feels beyond its price tag. It is genuinely an honor to be given an artist's trust in handling their vision. Whether it be creative direction, photography or editing it takes passion and dedication to make video come alive.

Specialty Camera Operations

Specialty camera operations include Motion Control (MoCo) video & time-lapse operations. This hi-tech camera work requires sophisticated integrated robotic control systems on a fixed track. Footage shot using Motion Control is broken down by axis. Currently I can preform 1,2 & 3 axis MoCo video & time-lapse shots that can travel up to 16 ft. horizontally. This section is where you can find my most recent reels in involving Motion Control and other specialty operations including HDR video, Hi-Speed film and Glide Cam footage.

Passion Projects

Any dedicated and passionate cinematographer does what he or she does because they truly love the medium that is Photography. Why else spend so much time with our cameras? It's what make us get up before sunrise and get that perfect morning time-lapse or has us climbing to unimaginable (if not stupid) heights to get that incredible shot of a city skyline or mountain range. The truth is, I would turn my camera on and shoot like this even if it wasn't for a job. This section is reserved for the things I'm passionate about and demonstrates what I can do without limits. Enjoy, I know I did making these videos.